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#TrendyTuesday … When it won’t stop raining!

Elvis Presley’s 1970s hit “Kentucky Rain” has taken on a whole new meaning these past few weeks! “Kentucky rain keeps falling down,” he sang. And so it has.

The past few weeks have proven that every Kentucky gal needs a nice all-weather trench coat. Recently, I was at the Columbia Goodwill when my eyes landed on this maxi Inner Circle coat, and I knew I had found a gem.

The attention to detail in the quilted collar, belt, banded sleeves, and pockets confirmed the high-end quality of this item. It has a single-breasted, button-over flap that adds a unique flare. The pleaded sleeves, deep pockets, and large rear-hem split add comfort and ease of movement.

Add the fact that it is lined, light weight, machine washable, AND a neutral color makes this article beyond perfect! While checking out, I found two beautiful scarves, one of which was 100% cashmere and a perfect match for the coat. The second was a square, silk piece that I gifted to Hope Scarves of Louisville. I also found a Jones New York & Co. down vest that I dearly love. As I paid for my purchases, I was amazed that my entire bill was less than $12.00!

I walked to my car feeling light and happy. My friend always says, “It’s all about the find.” For me, it’s about giving previously-loved items a fresh start in another closet! But when shopping at Goodwill, it’s so much more than that; it's also about giving so many people a sense of HOPE. Goodwill’s mission to help Kentuckians find hope through the power of work is something we can all be a part of … just by shopping or donating! That, my friend, is priceless.

our history

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Louisville since 1923. Goodwill gives people up—not a handout—so they can experience the dignity and independence that comes from earning a paycheck.


our mission

We help people with disabilities or other disadvantages achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life.

what we do

Goodwill collects and sells donated items to fund programs for Kentuckians who have disabilities or other challenges in finding and maintaining traditional employment. On-the-job training, job preparation skills, and employment counseling are just a few of Goodwill's services that benefit thousands of adults each year and strengthen families in Kentucky's communities.


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