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#WhatToWearWednesday: From a coat hater.

“Where’s your coat?” is a question I get asked daily. And not just by mom.

To be honest, I hate coats. They are so bulky and uncomfortable, and I don’t see the point of putting one on for the sake of walking from the parking lot straight into a building.

On my way home from work yesterday, I decided to stop into the Hikes Point (Louisville) store. I was on my way to the cash register with a handful of items (blog post about that coming later), when a beautiful knee-length, red coat caught my eye.

I thought to myself, “This really wouldn’t be a practical purchase,” when a less-flashy (but still super cute) caramel-toned jacket came to my attention. It was versatile and light-weight, perfect for a coat-hater. I added the $6.29 purchase to my overflowing pile.

When I looked out my window this morning, I’m glad I did. It may be the second day of spring, but it’s a winter wonderland in the Bluegrass State.

My dark-wash Talbots skinny jeans (which retail for nearly $100) cost me just $2.65. Thank you, color of the week sale! It’s hard to believe my Loft sweater was also on sale for $2.15. Goodwill allowed me to take on this blizzard for 11 bucks and some change.

The best part about this outfit is that no one will ask me where my coat is today.

Actually, the best part is knowing that my purchases support Goodwill’s mission to connect Kentuckians with meaningful job opportunities so they can work their way out of poverty.

And I call that a win-win-win.

our history

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Louisville since 1923. Goodwill gives people up—not a handout—so they can experience the dignity and independence that comes from earning a paycheck.


our mission

We help people with disabilities or other disadvantages achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life.

what we do

Goodwill collects and sells donated items to fund programs for Kentuckians who have disabilities or other challenges in finding and maintaining traditional employment. On-the-job training, job preparation skills, and employment counseling are just a few of Goodwill's services that benefit thousands of adults each year and strengthen families in Kentucky's communities.


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