Simple make over for the basic oversized tee

It’s not JUST a basic t-shirt. Too often I search for the perfect t-shirt dress and racerback tank, but leave empty handed. Resourcing the Mecca of all DIY ideas, Pinterest, I discovered these super simple DIY projects!

The dress

  1. When you find your thrifted tee, cut the sleeves and neckline off. Don’t throw any stray pieces away!

  2. Cut open the seam of each sleeve, and lay side by side. Each sleeve piece should be equal in length, together reflecting the width of your bust.

  3. Match the sleeves with the large piece, which will be the body of the dress.

  4. Sew the body piece to each sleeve (which is now the top) to the body portion. Make sure the right side are facing inward. Afterward, sew the sides of the sleeves all the way up.

  5. Sew a piece of elastic under the bust and on the top hem. Make sure it is sewn onto the connection seam. (This step is optional, but highly suggested.)

  6. Trip frayed hems or edges, belt if needed, and look fabulous in your DIY!

(Further instructions:

The tank

  1. Cut the neckline, sleeves, and bottom (if desired) on your favorite oversized tee.

  2. Outline and cut a deep “V” in the front or the back. I suggest the back if the t-shirt has a front design.

  3. Cinch the back “straps” with the cut hem of the tee. Tie it as low and tight as desired.

  4. Cut the front hem into a rounded “U” for a hi-low effect, and rock it with your favorite bottoms!

(Further instructions:

As you can see, taking a tee and transforming it isn’t rocket science. Use your creativity and make your oversized shirt a fashion statement!



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