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Second purpose for savvy finds

Repurposing brings new life to previously loved belongings. With summer rounding the corner, everyone has more time, and the weather is perfect for DIY projects! I’ve complied seven of my favorite ideas for you to consider when shopping at your favorite Goodwill.

1. Mason jars/containers

There is nothing sweeter and more southern than a decorated Mason jar! Pinterest is full of ideas, but I am a big fan of painting with pastels and trimming with lace. Earlier this year, I suggested this idea as a make-up brush holder. However, they are perfect for the kitchen utensils, bathroom necessities, or even a cute gift!


2. Wire bird feeder with frisbee tray

If you have visited a garden center recently, you know bird feeders can be expensive! My mom created this unique bird feeder style with items we had purchased at our local Goodwill: a hanging wire basket and a frisbee/plate. It works great and is cost-efficient.


3. Patterned shawl

Before you give up on an old-favorite, think of a new way to style it! I purchased this orange scarf years ago, but found I loved it even more as a shawl. With scarves that you no longer wear, consider using them for DIY fabric or table runners!

4. Blue jean purse

Denim is so in style and I LOVE it. I give mom credit for making this project happen! I found a pair of Levi’s at Goodwill and had them sewn into a handbag! With the belt loops, I found a scarf at Goodwill and used the fabric as a decorative accessory.

5. Denim shorts applique

Jeans are timeless, but styles evolve. Trimmed jeans shorts are very in and affordable! Find a pair of denim shorts or jeans that may be cut, and an item that may be used for fabric trim. Sew or fabric glue on the pockets or bottom for a look that reflects YOUR personality!

6. Drawer pulls with leather belt

Belts are only $1.79 at Goodwill, compared to $6 for a single drawer pull or knob at hardware stores. I love this idea because it makes your furniture personalized to you and your home. Leather belts work best for this project – just take a screw, and there you have it. When shopping, consider the number of pulls needed when choosing the length of the belt.


7. Vintage earrings to magnets

Goodwill’s jewelry selection always interests me. I love adding personality to my home, and this Pinterest DIY is so creative and unique! Purchase vintage earrings the same color scheme as your kitchen, hot glue a magnet to the back, and you have a precious magnet!


Revamp your home on a thrifted budget! It’s affordable and practical, so share your projects with us on social media!



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