Employee utilizes four Goodwill programs to overcome his past

In October 2016, Maurice was job-placed at the Northfield Goodwill in Louisville through GTS Staffing*, a temporary staffing program operated by Goodwill. After one month, he was hired as a Goodwill employee, and within three months, Maurice was promoted to production clerk II and has earned the responsibility of opening and closing the store.

Maurice came to Goodwill following a two-year prison sentence.

“Being hired at Goodwill has changed my whole life,” he said. “I was dead broke, but now it feels good to pay my own way. I am not completely dependent on my mom; I contribute to bills. She is ecstatic and so proud of me.”

Maurice enrolled in Goodwill’s GoodWorks program, designed to help employees meet and achieve personal and professional goals. Dependent on public transportation to get to and from work – which resulted in large chunks of the day spent commuting – Maurice worked with his job coach to complete an application to purchase a vehicle through the Goodwill Cars to Work program*.

After qualifying to purchase a vehicle, Maurice now saves five hours per day on his commute.

“In order to get to and from work, I had to walk seven blocks and ride on multiple buses,” Maurice explained. “Now, I can work more flexible hours, and I always have a safe way home.”

Perhaps most importantly, Goodwill gave Maurice a second chance and a fresh start.

“I’m a convicted felon. I’ve been in and out of the correctional system for years. This time, it’s different,” Maurice said. “Goodwill welcomed me to the team without judging me. There really are organizations that are willing to give opportunities to people who want to work. Without Goodwill, I would have returned to my old ways. Now, I’m supporting myself. I’m the man I was always meant to be.”

*GTS Staffing, operated by Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, helps people with disabilities or other disadvantages find temporary jobs with the ultimate goal of full-time employment. GTS Staffing serves people who face a variety of challenges to employment, including language barriers, homelessness, and limited work history.

**Goodwill Cars to Work connects working Kentuckians who have disabilities or other challenges with affordable transportation options so they can maintain and improve their employment.

our history

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Louisville since 1923. Goodwill gives people up—not a handout—so they can experience the dignity and independence that comes from earning a paycheck.


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We help people with disabilities or other disadvantages achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life.

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Goodwill collects and sells donated items to fund programs for Kentuckians who have disabilities or other challenges in finding and maintaining traditional employment. On-the-job training, job preparation skills, and employment counseling are just a few of Goodwill's services that benefit thousands of adults each year and strengthen families in Kentucky's communities.