The 7 S's of Summer

You asked and I answered! I visited two Goodwill stores last week and composed “The 7 S’s of Summer.” Walking you through each one, I have listed seven Goodwill essentials to beat the summer heat.

1. Sunglasses: In every Goodwill I have shopped, there is a display of sunglasses in the case by the register. With a variety of styles and colors, try on a few pairs until your find the perfect fit and “shade!” Sunglasses protect your eyes from summer’s intense rays.

2. Shorts: Denim, khaki, cotton…shorts are a staple in nearly every summer outfit. Finding a basic pair to decorate has been a new adventure of mine. There are always racks of donated shorts, so I am positive you will find a pair to wear this summer!

3. Sunhat: I featured my favorite sunhat in a recent #ThriftyThursday. Whether you prefer full coverage, a visor, or a baseball cap, shielding your face is important to ensure you are caring for your skin. A hat accessorizes an outfit, so if you do not normally wear one, step outside your box!

4. Sandals: When feet break free from closed-toe shoes, summer is making its way in. When I walk into a Goodwill store, I first check out the racks of shoes! Sandals are a must-have for summertime. I am always looking for a variety of colors to match the other six summertime “S’s.”

5. Swimwear: Most would agree that a favorite summer activity is swimming. My preferred bathing suit tops have come from the Hikes Point (in Louisville) Goodwill store. Whether you wear bikinis, one-pieces, or swim trunks, this time of year Goodwill has a variety of colors and sizes for you to wear in the water!

6. Sundresses: During summer, I wear a dress almost every day of the week. Goodwill has racks of different designs, styles, and lengths. A sundress makes for a light, comfortable outfit for any occasion.

7. Swim bag: The perfect bag to pack for to the pool or lake can be found at Goodwill. I recently purchased a few totes to carry this summer!

Preparing for the next three months can be overwhelming. Take this Goodwill guru’s advice and enjoy the summer season!



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Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Louisville since 1923. Goodwill gives people up—not a handout—so they can experience the dignity and independence that comes from earning a paycheck.


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We help people with disabilities or other disadvantages achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life.

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Goodwill collects and sells donated items to fund programs for Kentuckians who have disabilities or other challenges in finding and maintaining traditional employment. On-the-job training, job preparation skills, and employment counseling are just a few of Goodwill's services that benefit thousands of adults each year and strengthen families in Kentucky's communities.